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Wear IT – 3D Printing Exhibition

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Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo Tower, London

03 April – 07 June 2014

As 3D printing bridges the gap between the conceptual and the tangible, jewellery designers have found a new freedom of expression that allows them to craft pieces with astonishing complexity and fine detail. This exhibition focuses on a number of designers who have embraced the capabilities of these new technologies to achieve unique and exciting pieces that push the boundaries of both material and process.


Current Exhibitions

‘In the Frame’ Exhibiton at Studio Fusion Gallery, London, 13 Nov- 15 Jan 2010

‘Wrapped’ Christmas exhibition at Studio 20/17, Sydney, Australia, 16 Nov- 24 December 2010

New, more-affordable work. Just in time for Christmas!

I had fabulous feedback from customers so far, and the magnetic brooches have been very popular. With this in mind, I’ve been busy in the studio, designing some variations. All the backs in the series are interchangable, and I’ve even created a smaller brooch, as eye catchingly bold as ever, and easier on the wallet.

Magnetic brooches,                                                                                                                  £ 100.00-   160.00

Rapid prototyped nylon and stainless steel, dye, magnets.  See more here.


Some of you lovely people have asked for earrings, so here they are, in different sizes, styles and colours.

Earrings, Rapid prototyped nylon, dye, sterling silver ear wire                                                 £ 70 – 83